Michael Zinetti - Cantaloupes

Godbolt, Featuring Robin Williams and Robin Williams With A Beard, RIP

Excerpt from Michael Zinetti's "Godbolt: Book One From the Godbolt Trinity Series", which features Robin Williams! RIP

"As much as I wanted to spend time with my Mom, I mean it’s not every day someone comes back from the dead to hang out with you, I was, for the most part, in and out of sleep, and often times unsure where or who I was. I have to say, Oprah, thank God I had my dead mother to help stabilize me during this incredibly f-ed up time in my life.
     I remember on one occasion, in one of my more messed up states, I was there with Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and Robin Williams with a beard, lost somewhere deep within a damp and drizzly cave, trying to find One-Eyed Willie’s secret treasure. I think we were the Goonies, except there weren’t any Goonies around.
     When I realized where I was, I remember asking, “So, if we’re Goonies, where’s Chunk or the Asian kid with the booby traps?”
     They just looked at each other and suddenly the clean-shaven Robin Williams said, pretending to be a black reporter guy, “This is Roosevelt E. Roosevelt and it’s hot! Damn hot! Hottest things is my shorts. I could cook things in it. A little crotch pot cooking.” He was all animated like Robin Williams can get and had on a tan army outfit.
     Eddie Murphy seemed to like his black people impression and started to do his laugh. That snorting, obnoxious trademark laugh he does. He was in a black leather suit and had a matching cylinder shaped leather hat, looking like he might be in the Black Panthers, except the slightly gayer, Gucci wearing version, with all that damn leather.
     Regardless of how obnoxious my fellow treasure hunters were, I still liked hanging out with them.
     I noticed that the other Robin Williams, the frumpy one with the beard, was a little creepy looking. You could tell he was dealing with some serious crapola. So we pretty much didn’t bother him."

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Cantaloupes by Michael Zinetti!

The long-awaited follow-up to Michael Zinetti's excruciating debut album Sweet Bloody Kisses has finally arrived on the planet! It's entitled Cantaloupes and you're gonna love it? Included on this album is two different versions of Apple Boobs, I Ain't Gonna Resurrect You Anymore, (I Could Be A) Good Girl, and Forever Ain't Shit. You're gonna flip out and go completely mental when you accidentally follow the link below and preview some of the songs or yourself! You might even conceive a child. It could happen. There's a certain power in music. Even noises that somebody dares call music. Enjoy Michael Zinetti's voluptuous new smash hit Cantaloupes!!!