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New Ebook!!! Embolden: Episode 1: Prisoner In The Forest

"Once upon a time, in some made-up New England town, let’s call it Maudlin; there lived a young man named Bolden Curmudgeon. Bolden worked on the factory floor at Dunkirk’s Commercial Printing and did very little beyond this, or at least nothing of any real consequence."

That is, until now…

"Prisoner In The Forest" is the very first episode from the Embolden book series. In this episode, you will see how Bolden goes from lowly factory worker, who's only pleasure in life is his online fantasy exploits, to a full-fledged freak of nature, after a rather strange and mysterious encounter with a woman in the forest.

In future episodes, you will see, along with Bolden, what the woman has done to him and why. What will Bolden do with his newfound abilities? Will Bolden accept them? Or will he reject the opportunity, and disappear back into his lowly existence. Will his abilities bring him love? Or will they ensure that Bolden will always be without love?

Amidst all this, what will be said and done about the tantamount?
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