MZ on Our Jurisdiction

When we were children we were only allowed to go so far. To the end of the yard, or the end of the block, or a certain street. This was our jurisdiction. Then, as we started to grow, so grew our jurisdiction. Pretty soon, we could go to the next town, the next county, the next state, the next country, as long as we didn't stay out too late. The bigger we grew, the bigger our jurisdiction grew. Until finally our jurisdiction knew no bounds. However, how free were we? Were we as free as we think? In a natural shift, as our parents power decreased, our power increased. Until one day, our parents were powerless. And yet some sort of power rises from the ashes. Their influence, so subtle, so instilled, so nestled deep in our psyche, still giving subtle direction, and yet we don't even know. Then, sadly, the day comes when our parents are gone. And just when we thought our jurisdiction was complete, it is increased. This time, instead of outward, it grows inward. And our minds are set free. This is bittersweet freedom. But wait! As we live our lives, with seemingly infinite power, as we run around the world, or live the way we always wanted, and set our own course, free of any dirty looks from the old regime, we find something still remains. In a panic, we search our minds and our hearts, and realize, we were never once in complete control. Everything we did, was somehow weighed and approved or disapproved. Their name is on everything. Including your name itself. Their influence isn't just influence but at the base of every structure in our mind. The whole inner city in our minds, we believed to be our own creation, was built by their specifications, with a lesson here and suggestion there. Until finally we realize, we are our father's son, our mother's daughter. We are one.

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