MZ on Dreaming the Alive Dead

I have this bad habit of dreaming people are dead when in reality they are alive and well. Why do I do this to myself? I'm horribly sad when I wake up. And exhausted, since I spent the better part of the last few hours, sleeping and dreaming and mourning the loss of someone who isn't even dead. I remember this happened one time when I was a kid. I dreamed one of my friends had been hit by a car and died. And then, when I woke up, this same friend came over and wanted me to come out and play. I freaked out, accusing them of coming back from the dead just to F with me and then I ran back into my room. Tonight before I go to bed, I might write a list of who's alive and who's dead, so in the morning, I can check it, just to make sure I don't accuse anymore people of coming back from the dead just to F with me.

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