MZ on AG

I don't know what it is, but something about AG (Assemblies of God) creeps me out. I think it might have something to do with how monstrous they are. So, when it comes time to tithe, I balk at the idea of giving them any money. I mean, why should I tithe to an over-sized religious organization with massive buildings, saturated with lots of administrative positions, and loosely related companies like AG Credit Union? The same goes for any big religious organization for that matter. I would much rather tithe to a charity, or an organization that actually serves the needs of people in need, ie. Amnesty International, etc. Somebody out there, like perhaps a Juarez factory worker, who's been raped and buried alive on their way home from work, when she prays for help, I doubt some fat cat AG higher-up is going to come to her rescue. More than likely, if anyone's gonna help her, it's Amnesty International.

It seems to me, a church should probably never get confused with a business. And yet, that's what it seems like. Not just a big church but a big business. I remember having to sit through many a service where the preacher reported on General Council meetings and whatnot. The whole time I was thinking, what am I doing here? Is this church or what? Then there was the time they were offering to help all the elderly congregation members get their wills in order, for free! I thought that was nice. Then I found out they were only doing it so people would leave AG some money. Then there's the voting fiasco. When it comes time for public elections, members are given a "cheat sheet" of all the candidates AG endorses and who they think you should vote for. This all seems very shady. And now, recently, AG's been letting all these people go at their headquarters, here in Springfield, MO, with no warning and no thought for their retirement. Now, does this sound like big church or big business? Just to show that nobody is bigger than AG, even retired pastors, who have worked for AG for thirty plus years, relying on AG for their welfare, living in parsonages and whatnot, when they retire, are left to fend for themselves with no means for income to speak of.

I don't know about you, but some of this behavior, how AG being a religious organization is somewhat above the law, seems a bit more like a different sort of organization. Something a bit more sinister. For a small fee, 10% of your earnings, as well as additional offerings, AG will protect you and your eternal soul. How is AG not like other big religions from the past, which protestantism broke away from? How is AG not like the shady business side of Scientology? How is AG not like the mafia?

If He were here, I'm not sure what Jesus would do. I mean after He turned over all the money-changers' tables of course. Would He be comfortable sitting through a service where the preacher goes on and on about General Council meetings and whatnot? Would He approve of the way AG conducts business. Or would He even waste his time? Something tells me He'd quit all this AG bullshit and go save the factory worker, buried alive in Juarez, Mexico?

MZ on This War

I don't like war. I don't like fighting. I just wanna love everybody. I know that sounds dumb. But really, I just wanna love everybody. I'm not a hippy. There is a time to war. There is a time to fight. What people seem to forget is there is also a time to stop.

There are men in rooms, deciding what to do next. When are one of these men gonna say game over?

I love chess. There is a beginning or opening, there is a counter to the opening, at some point there is a move that changes the game, there is an attempt to turn the tide back, and then there is the inevitable end. Yes, there is an end. When the contest is unwinnable, or when there are no more pieces, there is an end.

I think this might be the problem.

The men in these rooms, they seem to think they have an unlimited amount of pieces. And who knows, maybe they do. I imagine they're pleased to have an endless amount of pieces. But what if they didn't? What if they only had a king, a queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks and eight pawns? And what if these pieces had names and faces? And what if their names were people in their own family or their own community? What if THEY were one of these pieces. If these were the stakes, do you think the men in these rooms would want to keep playing?

MZ on Obama Rodman: A Matter Of National Security

Please don't get excited. This is only a theory. But there is a distinct possibility that Dennis Rodman has infiltrated the White House. I know. Freaky, huh? For years, Dennis Rodman has been trying to do something crazy, and this stunt takes the cake. Yes, you guessed it, we have reason to believe Michelle Obama may not be who she professes to be, which is like a normal woman and whatnot. We have reason to believe that Michelle Obama is actually Dennis Rodman in drag. Think about it. Have you ever seen them together in one place? No, you haven't. Cuz, duh, they're the same dude/person. Here are some of their comparisons and you be the judge:

Height: Both Tall.
Skin color: Both Brownish
Eye color: Both Blackish
Eye shape: Both Big and Dopey
Nose: Rodman's nose is just plain strange looking. Obama's nose is pretty basic. However, practically the first thing every master of disguise buys with their master of disguise money is an assortment of prosthetic noses. A-la the Pink Panther.

Public Speaking: Rodman pretty much just mumbles. Obama is a gifted orator. For many years, Rodman has shown the ability to surprise people, and I wouldn't put it past him to sharpen his public speaking abilities in order to accomplish his goal of infiltrating the White House. Then again, Rodman's profoundly unpredictable, but mostly lacking motivation throughout his career makes this seem pretty unlikely.
Jump Shot: Both go out of their way to avoid taking jump shots. Even when they're wide open.
Rebounding: Both excel.

Thank you for your time concerning these matters. It is Michael Zinetti's desire to keep all American's safe. It's imperative that we keep our eyes open. You never know when Dennis Rodman is gonna pop up. So, the next time you see Michelle Obama, watch for signs of Rodman-ness. It may save your life.

Godbolt, Book One from The Godbolt Series

Godbolt is the first book in The Godbolt Series. It introduces the main character of the series, Chris Bontey or Godbolt, as well as the two secondary main characters, Kevin Sarcy or The Mindwriter and Blastus Legend or the Anti-Nigger Machine.
Chris Bontey or Godbolt is a 23-year-old Chinese food delivery driver and lackluster college student who misses his medication and as a result seems to develop super powers. This first book shows Bontey dealing with this discovery and the realization he must quit his meds altogether. Also, Bontey realizes he needs to find a teacher to help him learn to concentrate and cultivate his powers.

Unbeknownst to Bontey, there is a secret government organization, aptly and simply titled, The Organization led by an extremely determined man named Horace Danbury. The purpose of the Organization is unclear, but seems to be to find mutants and either get them to join the Organization or terminate them.

The book begins with the Organization attempting to recruit Kevin Sarcy or The Mindwriter. Danbury’s plan is to recruit the Mindwriter and then recruit Blastus Legend or the Anti-Nigger Machine (ANM), who appears powerful enough to eventually recruit Bontey or Godbolt, who is, to Danbury the grand prize of all mutants.

The book is written in first person from the three main characters’ points of view, with Godbolt taking the lion’s share of the book, followed by The Mindwriter, and lastly the ANM.

Kevin Sarcy or The Mindwriter is an ambition mind reader and writer with immense powers and promise, who, apart from ambition, has a very sadistic and egotistical streak. He is a downright bastard.

Blastus Legend or The Anti-Nigger Machine, named after the Public Enemy song of the same title, is an ex-college basketball star who injured his knee and thus ending his hopes of NBA stardom. To make matters worse, Legend loses his scholarship and is forced to leave school. These events leave Legend a deeply bitter man. He sees much of his fate as a result of his color. He is extremely depressed and moves to the inner-city and becomes a drug dealer and pimp. However, when he develops special powers, Legend’s life takes a completely different turn.