MZ on Obama Rodman: A Matter Of National Security

Please don't get excited. This is only a theory. But there is a distinct possibility that Dennis Rodman has infiltrated the White House. I know. Freaky, huh? For years, Dennis Rodman has been trying to do something crazy, and this stunt takes the cake. Yes, you guessed it, we have reason to believe Michelle Obama may not be who she professes to be, which is like a normal woman and whatnot. We have reason to believe that Michelle Obama is actually Dennis Rodman in drag. Think about it. Have you ever seen them together in one place? No, you haven't. Cuz, duh, they're the same dude/person. Here are some of their comparisons and you be the judge:

Height: Both Tall.
Skin color: Both Brownish
Eye color: Both Blackish
Eye shape: Both Big and Dopey
Nose: Rodman's nose is just plain strange looking. Obama's nose is pretty basic. However, practically the first thing every master of disguise buys with their master of disguise money is an assortment of prosthetic noses. A-la the Pink Panther.

Public Speaking: Rodman pretty much just mumbles. Obama is a gifted orator. For many years, Rodman has shown the ability to surprise people, and I wouldn't put it past him to sharpen his public speaking abilities in order to accomplish his goal of infiltrating the White House. Then again, Rodman's profoundly unpredictable, but mostly lacking motivation throughout his career makes this seem pretty unlikely.
Jump Shot: Both go out of their way to avoid taking jump shots. Even when they're wide open.
Rebounding: Both excel.

Thank you for your time concerning these matters. It is Michael Zinetti's desire to keep all American's safe. It's imperative that we keep our eyes open. You never know when Dennis Rodman is gonna pop up. So, the next time you see Michelle Obama, watch for signs of Rodman-ness. It may save your life.

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