MZ on Asking God To Blow Up Mohela

Dear Heavenly Father:
I know you got lots of stuff to do and your time is very expensive. But they're bothering me again. BTW, it's me, Michael Zinetti. It's the loan people. It's Mohela. They want their money again. How can I tell them it's just not gonna happen? How can I tell them the degree I got with the loan was utterly worthless? Do you think they'd accept my worthless degree in exchange for all this money? I'm at my wits end with these people. So, what I'm really asking, if it's no trouble, is if You could kindly blow these people up. Well, not the people so much. I don't want to hurt any people. Just Mohela itself. Is there any way You could just blow up Mohela. I don't know. It seems like this would do a lot of good for people. Remember, I don't want You to blow up the actual people calling me and whatnot. Just their employer. I know You are faithful. Thank you. Amen. Blow up.

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