MZ on Because, 'Cause, 'Cos, and Cuz

As a writer, I have to say something must be done about the Because, 'Cause, 'Cos, and Cuz dilemma. When you're walking around in the world, I don't think people always say the full Because. The language is evolving or some might say devolving. People rely heavily on the simplified, 'Cause, 'Cos, or Cuz. Well, what to do if you're in the business of writing, and trying to write, particularly, how people speak? What should be done about this particularly troublesome colloquialism? I've seen in books as both, 'Cause and 'Cos. But people don't say 'Cause like the word Cause. Nor do people say 'Cos like short for Bill Cosby. People basically say Cuz. Plain and simple. That's exactly how it's pronounced. Admittedly, Cuz can sometimes be confused to mean short for Cousin. And it can also be construed as some representation of Ebonics. However, it is closest to the true spoken word. And plus it requires no apostrophe, which is always nice. Either way, a decision has to be made. And that's what I've done. Across the board, in all my books, when the situation demands it, I'm going to use the simple Cuz. And I think it's time the world did, too. Consider this my declaration. We can make it our declaration. Our cause. Cuz Cuz just sounds right. Cuz has served as our linguistic red-headed stepchild long enough. It's time to legitimize Cuz. Cuz I said so. Cuz Cuz demands it.

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