MZ on Chinese Food Ambitions

Is it wrong that I've decided to forgo all my other life-plans, whatever they were, and move back to New Hampshire to camp out across the street from my favorite Chinese restaurant, Grand China, in Salem? My ambition is to eat there once, twice, or maybe even three times every day. I will get so fat. But I won't care. I'll get so fat, people will confuse me with the giant golden Buddha statue they have in the lobby. But like Buddha, I won't give a shit. The only wrinkle in my plan is my camping out across the street. Presently, a K-Mart is there. So it might be hard to camp out there. I could camp out on the roof. I worry about all the weather I'll have to weather if I do that. Maybe I could break in every night and live in one of the furniture displays. It's of no matter, as long as I get to feed my face with all that delicious Chinese food. Don't F with me. I'm serious! Buddha bless you.

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