MZ on A New Cooking Show

I want to start a cooking show which specializes in incredibly simple and mundane dishes. Like maybe in the first show, I'll make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I think there should be a studio audience and I think they should be made to appear very interested, even maybe in awe. Maybe halfway through the show, I'll surprise everyone and pull out my secret ingredient, perhaps a freshly chopped off human hand, maybe one of the show's intern's hands. Initially, this would produce a couple screams from the studio audience. I would march on, oblivious and undaunted. And eventually, the studio audience's mood would change from horror to unbridled pleasure and amazement, even while some of their compatriots lie passed out next them. Finally, I would close the show with a little joke, followed by applause, and start divvying up the peanut butter and jelly and bloody hand sandwich for the audience. As the end credits roll, the camera would pan around the audience members eating and smiling and laughing maniacally, seemingly unaware of their blood-slathered faces.

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