"Clean" by Ken Sweet

We'd like to recommend one of our friend's books, "Clean" by Ken Sweet. "Clean" is an inspiring book, especially for anyone suffering from an unshakeable bout with guilt.

Intro: Benjamin Whyte is about to set out on a quest. When his world begins to collapse around him, Ben recalls a vision he had as a child-a vision of cool water that can wash away the grime and filth accumulated over the course of a lifetime, a vision of a glowing light that can heal and make whole - a vision of Clean. He also remembers the shadowy stranger who barred his path. Leaving his former life behind him, Ben embarks on a journey to find Clean. Following the recommendation of a mysterious new friend, he purchases a plane ticket and travels through a land of ancient spirituality in search of his goal. Clean is a chronicle of this adventure; an adventure full of peril, romance, enlightenment, and ultimately, a confrontation with the dark man himself.

Reviews: "Becomes a personal soul-searching experience. Ken's writing is thought provoking, insightful, and often profound." -- Reader Views

"His imagery puts you right in the middle of the mystical old world locations over in Britain." -- Podlings

"This story meshes perfectly the world that we all live in and the Arthurian world of Knights and honour that many of us wish still existed." -- TCM Reviews

"It is a rare work, especially one as concise as Clean, that can bring together the many elements of serious fiction in one piece: the various forms of conflict (man against man, man against nature, main against himself), tangible settings, symbol, allusion, meaningful theme, nemesis, historicity, and exploration of the human condition. That Sweet has managed this in Clean without drawing attention to the manner in which this is achieved demonstrates Sweet's deep understanding of and dedication to the craft." -- Chevalier Editions

"His imagery puts you right in the middle of the mystical old world locations over in Britain as Ben quests from site to site for clues to CLEAN." -- P.O.D.LINGS

"This is an inspiring book...Ben's own angst and yearnings leap off the page." -- Book Ideas

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