MZ on Being Fairish And Sort Of Balanced

Seriously, how can Fox News claim to be FAIR and BALANCED? Have you ever heard them say a single GOOD thing about Barack Obama? Have you ever heard them say a single BAD thing about George W. Bush? I mean, if your very slogan is COMPLETELY UNTRUE, than why would anyone think your product, in this case news, is any different. I mean, doesn't your credibility go right out the window? I think it's sad when a supposed NEWS channel's validity can be trumped by a fast food joint, but it's true. Taco Bell can be trusted over Fox News. You see, Taco Bell's beef is only a small percentage real beef and so they can't claim that their items are BEEF. Instead Taco Bell refers to these items as BEEFY as if to say your burrito will have an essence of beef but not actual beef. This is sort of a slick spin, but ultimately honest. At least a lot more honest than Fox News, who is lying straight to their viewer's faces when they say they are fair and balanced. If Fox News wanted to be as stand-up as Taco Bell, they would change their slogan to FAIRISH and SORT OF BALANCED. Until Fox News says one good thing about Barack Obama and one bad thing about George W. or Mitt Romney, they should be more honest with their viewers and themselves and stop claiming to be something they aren't.

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