MZ on Heiny Insurance

Heiny Insurance Salesmen: Tom, Dick, Harry, Harry, and Harry
There aren't a lot of businesses that have the balls to support, but the fine people at Heiny Insurance in Bumfuck Egyptown, NY have stepped up to the plate. If you've been feeling a little vulnerable lately, like something might happen to your ass, we at implore you to go see Tom, Dick, Harry, Harry and the other Harry at Heiny Insurance and they'll be sure to cover your ass. Like that big-headed kid from Jerry Maguire said, Bees and Dogs smell fear. Well, I'd like to add women can also smell fear. Or moreso, lack of confidence. If you employ the fine people at Heiny Insurance, you can say goodbye to that unsure feeling. And hello to knowing, no matter what, whatever you do, your ass is covered! Call Heiny Insurance now! It's important. It's your ass we're talking about. (BTW, Heiny Insurance now insures women's asses too! However, these policies may require additional fees given the pound for pound, girth of women's asses, which is a good thing, right?)

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