MZ on No Longer Trying To Watch Tree Of Life

I was talking to this dude and he told me there are no guarantees in life and that nobody lives forever. I was like, "What the heck!" So that's why I don't feel too bad about NOT finishing the movie Tree Of Life. I gave that movie forty minutes of my finite time on this planet and all it gave me was a discombobulated story, weird incoherent voice overs, and bizarre gratuitous theory on the inception of life sequences. My general thoughts by the end of the forty minutes were: "I'm not sure. Am I supposed to care about this dinosaur dude? What happened to Brad Pitt? Why don't they just tell the story? Is there a story? I don't mind a nonlinear story but this friggin' ridiculous. This is a nonlinear nonplanar possibly nonstory." As soon as I get word that my after-life insurance has kicked in, and I'm guaranteed eternal life, I'll finish Tree Of Life. Maybe.

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