MZ on Trying To Watch The Tree Of Life

So, I was watching Inside The Actor's Studio starring James Lipton and he had Brad Pitt on. Besides the fact that they seemed to skip over all my favorite Brad Pitt movies, they did talk a little bit about a movie I hadn't heard of, The Tree Of Life.

So, later that night, I rented Tree Of Life.

Ten minutes in I was like, "When is this movie gonna start???"

Twenty minutes in, I was like, "I gotta see what this movie got on Rotten Tomatoes." So I paused it and checked it out on Rotten Tomatoes. 84%??? 84% of critics liked it? The positive reviewers were comparing it to Kubrick's 2001. I guess I could see that. However, in Kubrick's 2001, after all the fruity pebbles silliness, you eventually get to the spaceship sequences with David and the ship's computer, HAL, which were awesome. Was Tree Of Life gonna eventually get awesome? I had to keep going.

Thirty minutes in, after the earth creation sequences, I was seeing EXACTLY what they were talking about with the Kubrick 2001 comparisons. However, after the seemingly twelfth or thirteenth seemingly pointless voice-over, whispered something like, "Where is he?" or "What is he looking for?" or whatever the voice was saying, I think my brain literally spontaneously concussed. I was starting to think about my own mortality and why I would want to spend anymore of my finite time on this planet watching this movie that never seems to start. And yet, I pressed on.

Almost forty minutes later, I decided to pause the movie indefinitely, opting to watch something else I rented. In this case, 30 Rock Season 1, which I'd never seen but always wanted to someday sit down and watch.

As for the Tree Of Life, I got three more night to get through it. Hopefully, with the obligatory breaks in order to keep my own sanity, this will allow for enough time to finish it. Ugh.

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