MZ on When Capitalism Turned To Cannibalism

I might have missed the boat on this one, possibly by about fifty years or so, but why did we let businesses uproot from America, taking away jobs from Americans so companies could benefit from cheap foreign labor? In my opinion, this is when capitalism turned to cannibalism. Gordon Gekko says greed is good. Yeah, but not when it's at the expense of your own hand or foot. Who benefits from outsourcing our jobs? The execs, the shareholders, which may be one in the same. A relatively small group of people benefit. Meanwhile a multitude of American workers are left without work. It's almost like tooth decay for the whole economy, rotting from the inside out. A nation hollowed out by greed. This seems to be simple math. When an American buys something that's NOT made in America, who benefits? That same small group of execs and shareholders. This money doesn't go back into the hands of American workers. Only a small percentage through taxes. So, how is this good for our economy when we buy goods that benefit only a few Americans? Why wasn't this obvious, whenever this trend first started, that this was gonna gut America? How could we have let this happen? How did we let capitalism turn to cannibalism?

Fundamental changes we can make to get America back on track. This might be difficult now, considering virtually everything you pick up in a store says it was made in Taiwan or China or Sri Lanka, etc., but we should always try to buy American. And that means from businesses that are owned, produced, everything, in America. This would be a huge step in the right direction. Since we've let capitalism turn to cannibalism, it's been hard to find things that are made entirely in America. So, in the mean time, while America reinvents itself as a Buy American nation, we should apply a hefty tax/tariff on goods produced abroad. I mean nice and hefty. One that makes the businesses that rely on foreign slave labor to buckle. So, it's no longer cost-effective to outsource jobs. And soon, we will see the business returning to America with their tail tucked between their legs.

At first, once the revolution is fully implemented and gaining momentum, these big businesses will bitch and moan like crazy. They'll go into fiery tantrums like big fat spoiled babies. And in Washington, when we turn the lights on, all their lobbyist-cockroaches will scurry every which way. But no matter what, we have to be steadfast. I mean, if we want America back. If we want a strong America, we have to push. We have to use as much strength and power as it took for big business to take America away from us in the first place. We have the power. Our actions, where we choose to spend our dollars, can turn the tide.

Unless of course, you like the way things are going. Unless you like tooth decay, and watching America rot from the inside out. Unless you like cannibalism. We are all for capitalism. But not at the expense of our own hand or foot. Ultimately, we are all for patriotism. We are for America!

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