MZ on Women In Their Drawers

In the morning, on the way home from work, I usually alternate listening to Mike & Mike in the Morning and Imus in the Morning. Today, on Imus, Dagen McDowell, a woman with a heavy southern drawl, jokingly said to Imus, "I'm just standing here with my drawers on." Everyone else on the show was like, what? I was like, what? I don't know what it is but a woman describing her underwear as drawers, especially in a heavy southern drawl, sounds completely and utterly unsexy. It creates a repelling image in my brain of a monstrously ugly and inbred woman with only three or four good teeth, wearing sweat-stained and whatever else-stained baggy underwear, and saying all seductive, "Hey, baby, I'ma just standing a-here with my drawers on. Whatchu gonna do about it?" And me thinking, "Um...RUN?"

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