MZ on The Worst Town Name Ever

Okay, I gotta say one of the worst town names I've ever come across, and probably the most uninspired name ever would have to be a town in Missouri called Humansville. What's up with that? Were there people really sitting around trying to come up with names for this town and one of them said, "Hey, I know. How 'bout Humansville? Cuz, um, we'll have humans there. Probably. You know. Like us." The only way this could be a good name is if all the neighboring towns had a real bad alien problem and Humansville was gonna be like a haven from all these gosh-darn aliens. I wonder if the same people who named Humansville might have had children at some point and named their newborn son, Human Boy Johnson. Or maybe My Son Johnson. Or maybe Male Offspring Johnson. I'm sorry but somebody had to say it. Amen. Good night and good luck.   

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