MZ on Fantasy Birds Jumping From Branch To Branch

Fantasy Football is cool. Yeah, I'm a little bit addicted. But I wonder if anything could be made into a fantasy thing and suddenly become cool or addictive. I wonder if we had Fantasy Birds Jumping From Branch To Branch if it would be equally cool or addictive. I mean, the basic elements are the same. We would be putting money on birds and how many branches they decided to jump to. Just to make it interesting, certain branches would have a special bonus. We would win big with a particularly indecisive bird that jumped to like ten different branches, including two special branches, before finally flying off. We would lose bad with a bird that skipped the whole thing and just took off. I mean, it's basically just gambling, right? Fantasy People Walking Around Walmart. Fantasy Construction Workers Milling Around. Fantasy Teacher. Fantasy Teacher would just be everyone putting their lunch money on certain words the teacher said. You win big every time the teacher says "Furthermore," "Exactly", or "Great". Finally, everyone would want to listen to their teacher, that is, if they had a chance of winning everyone's lunch money.  

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