MZ on Medicine For Profit

Profit in medicine just feels wrong. Imagine if the police, fire department, and schools did this too.

"We got a call about somebody breaking into your house. If you would like us to come in and assist you, we're gonna need your insurance card. No insurance? Oh, no problem. You can pay out of pocket. We'll just need you to set up a payment plan. Finished? Great. Now, how can we help you with this breaking an entering thing?"

"It certainly appears your house is about to burn down. If you would like us to put it out, we're gonna need to see your insurance card. Great. Oh, unfortunately only your living room and bedrooms are covered. We can begin the firefighting process now, but it may get costly for you. Let us know how you'd like us to proceed."

"Who knows the capital of New Hampshire? Sorry, Timmy. Montpelier is incorrect. If you would like the correct answer, have your mom and dad call the school and make arrangements to pay. Does mom and dad have insurance? No? Well, you don't really need to know the capital of New Hampshire anyway. Right?"

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