MZ on Beseeching The Burger King

What is up with this? Taco Bell started doing this a couple years ago but then stopped. Now Burger King does it! Every time I'm in the drive thru, as soon as I pay, those dingleberries ask me, "Can you please pull forward and we'll bring it out to you when it's ready?" Usually, there's no one behind me or anything. One day, after the like tenth time they did this, I asked them, "Why do I have to pull ahead?" They explained that they are being timed, and the timer goes off as soon as a customer pulls forward, making their numbers for the night look better. I said, "Yeah, but if that's the case, your numbers are bogus. So what's the point?" This is when they started to get a little upset. And then they said, "You don't have to pull forward if you don't want to." Then I said, "Well of course I don't want to. Who would want to pull forward?" By then, my food was ready and they handed it to me all pissed. WTF? Am I wrong here? Hey Burger King, whoever's the King right now, honestly, WTF, is this your idea of customer service? And BTW, when was this time thing become such an issue? And does this seem like a plausible way to increase the wait? If so, I think the King is misinformed.

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