Some Cool Ways To Make One Million Dollars

Are you like so many people out there, struggling through life without one million dollars? Are you tired of hearing about how many millions of dollars some star athlete is gonna make, or some top model, or those ass-face Waltons of Walmart fame? Well, you can forget about all that! Michael Zinetti has come up with yet another ebook to help you improve your life, with his new, Some Cool Ways To Make One Million Dollars.

Switek: Episode 4 You!

 The adventure continues in episode 4, when Switek meets the King Of Coke! We also meet plenty of future important characters like Prince Coke, Princess Verana and Niewald the Mystic. You will like it like girls like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for some unknown reason. Do it!

Mr. Gandolfini, Sleep Tight

 As everyone is beginning to find out, James Gandolfini passed today and I would like to extend my deepest condolences to his family, friends and anyone who was affected by his immense gifts as an actor. Among a bazillion other folks, Gandolfini pops up in my book Godbolt in one of Chris Bontey's drug withdrawal sequences, as, what else, a mobster in a revamped version of the Goonies. RIP James Gandolfini.

Switek: Episode 3 Wants you!

With Episode 1 and Episode 2 basically setting up Switek's situation, Episode 3 is when the fun really begins! Check out The Mostly Odd Adventures Of Switek Of Springfield today! You won't regret it. At least I hope you won't. Okay, so maybe you will regret it. Am I supposed to stay up night worrying about what you regret? Well, I do. And that's my problem. Not yours. What was I talking about?

Switek! Episode 2 Is Now Available!

In the first episode, Switek meets Hattie The Hottie. In the second episode, things seem a little off with Hattie. Follow this link and check the episodes and see for yourself. Seriously, it'll make you smile. Or laugh. Or nonplussed. Always wanted to use that word.

New Ebook Series: Introducing Switek!

Brand spanking new Ebook/Escript Fantasy series The Mostly Odd Adventures of Switek of Springfield. Check it out here!

How You Gonna Fart (When You Got No Body To Fart With)?

Out of virtually nowhere, Michael Zinetti has burst on the scene to make some seriously awful music! Here's the latest example!

Brand-Spanking New Book! The Giftress!

It's finally out! The Giftress is the second book in The Godbolt Series and shows the further development of Chris Bontey as Godbolt with help of his teacher, Beatrice Chang AKA The Giftress. The other secondary main characters, Kevin Sarcy as The Mindwriter, and Blastus Legend as the Anti-Nigger Machine, now known as The Legendary Blaster, also develop, as their alliances and subsequent goals evolve.

Healing What Ails You

Make those around you better and the world around you a more joyful land when you read Michael Zinetti's Going Postal: Vol 1!!!

Godbolt Revised

You can be who you wanna be when you read Godbolt! Don't be afraid. You'll find something to make you laugh. Something to make you think. Something to make you say to yourself, "What the hell is wrong with Michael Zinetti???"
Godbolt is the first book in The Godbolt Series. It introduces the main character of the series, Chris Bontey or Godbolt, as well as the two secondary main characters, Kevin Sarcy or The Mindwriter and Blastus Legend or the Anti-Nigger Machine.

Some Cool Ways To Get God To Like You!

Introducing Michael Zinetti's new ebook, Some Cool Ways To Get God To Like You!

Are you tired of all these people who seem to have a better relationship with God than you? Are you always sitting there in wonder, when someone starts talking about God like He's their Best Friend and personal Consultant or something? Well, finally you can cast your fears aside, cuz Michael Zinetti has finally got around to writing his new ebook, Some Cool Ways To Get God To Like You. And take it from me, Michael Zinetti, I think he's really onto something.