Michael Zinetti is a Springfield, Missouri-based funny-ass, singer/songwriter and fiction writer. The first book Michael unleashed on the world was, My Search For Love On Craigslist, which is a collection of personals ads he placed on Craigslist. In the past several years, Michael has been working on about a thousand different books/story ideas, the first to come to fruition is the first episode from his new fantasy series Embolden. Michael is also one half of the acoustic punk super group, The Michaels. Michael is currently in the process of recording every god-awful song he's ever written. You can find these songs at bandcamp.

History: Michael Zinetti was born in New Jersey. He has lived in Lakewood, New York, various towns in New Hamphshire, and now Springfield, Missouri. Of all these places, Michael still has a certain amount of sentiment for Lakewood, where he lived from ages 5 to 10. And from what's leftover of all this sentiment, he gives to Salem, NH, where he lived when he was 10 to 12. The rest of his life has pretty much been a sloppy joe full of wasted time and regret. Michael has never married, but hopes to someday find that Mrs. Right. He prowls the local Hooters almost every week, in search of this girl, but as of yet, has no leads.

Education: Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from MSU and has the debt to prove it. Michael has been known to accept donations to go toward this astronomical debt. He's also been known to use these donations to buy beer. At MSU, Michael studied fiction writing, drama, poetry, screenwriting, and art and anything else you can think of that doesn't earn money. If you would like, Michael's worthless MSU degree it is currently on sale for the balance of his school loan.

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